After the login process is completed, it is directed to the dashboard screen.
If the Dashboard is analyzed from top to bottom; Projects, All Scenarios, All Plans, and Reports appear.At the top right, there are the promotion button, user name, profile, account information, log out tabs.
There are five cards on the Dashboard screen
  • Company Plan, remaining credits.
  • Parallel Tests, limit of tests can run at the same time.
  • Queued Tests, Indicates the number of tests in the queue.
  • Active Tests - Plans, currently running test number and plan.
  • The Pie Chart, shows the status of test results by project and selected time based.
Latest Test Runs, lists the most recently run tests in your testinium account by ID, Test Plan, Run Date, Runtime, Test Result. By clicking the Detail button, the scenario run details are accessed.
It is directed to the Execution of Reports screen with the Detail button.
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