Testinium Cloud

Once you open the dashboard,

  • First of, select Companies option from menu on the left.

  • Then click Edit for your company.

  • Click on the Plugins tab.

  • Select and add Testinium Cloud plugin from plugins list.

  • Once you add the plugin, you can see it in the Enabled Plugins list.

  • After adding the plugin, it is necessary to configure it with your JIRA credentials. To do that, select the Company Details tab from the drop down menu on the right. Then select the Plugins tab.

  • Click on the Edit button for your Testinium Cloud Plugin.

  • On the Plugin Page, enter your cloud infos then click Save. In this section:

ResApi Url: https://testinium.io/Testinium.RestApi/ Hub Url: http://hub.testinium.io/wd/hub Auth Url: https://account.testinium.com/uaa/oauth/token

This three informations fill from default values. You can get testinium username and access key infos from testinium.io web page

  • If you want to run a mobile test with application, follow the steps below:

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