Graph Report

Graph Report is a report page with pages showing the number of harnesses in the desired status and their ratios to each other in selected time intervals of the projects under the company. The first time it opens, the options are blank.

After the date range is entered, the projects that exist within that range appear in the unselected projects field. After selecting the status of the projects moved to the Selected area, the graphics are created by clicking the draw button.

The graph above is drawn according to the number of harnesses, and the graph below is drawn according to the percentages.

You can see the value of the number and percentage of harnesses on the tooltip that appears by holding the mouse over the column.

To view the percentages and run numbers of the plans on a project basis; On any graphic, the column with the project is clicked.

If the plan to be displayed is only one, it is displayed on the pie chart. For more than one plan, two bar charts showing the number of harnesses and percentages are displayed.

Selected Project can be changed to view the data of another project on this page.

Click on the desired plan on the bar chart to display the scenario-based data, and when the selection is made on the Pie chart, it is directed to the page with detailed graphics about the scenario data of that plan.

You can view the graphics of another plan by selecting the project and plan on this page.

To view the status and run times of the scenarios in detail, click on the desired scenario and go to the scenario graph page.

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