Show Report

The detail of the test result run in the system is displayed. User should select a record from the list and click the Show button.

On the screen that opens, successful/failed tests in that plan are listed together with the messages. When you press the Show button, the system displays the details of the Failure or Successful status. Below are both Failure and Successful status detail screens.

Create Jira Issue, If jira settings are made in the system when you press this button, the system will reach the jira and open a new task.

Commands, In a screen test, each step is summarized individually. It is observed from these steps which step has progressed successfully and which has failed.

Videos, If Yes is selected for Video Recording while defining the plan, the video taken during the test can be accessed here.

Executor Log , It is the log written and created by the method selected in the scenario while doing this operation.

Selenium Log: It is the log created by Selenium itself. It is a detailed log.

Appium Log: It is the log created by Appium itself. It is a detailed log.

Previous Results: It is a test result that has been run before in the same environment.

Export PDF; When the user presses the Export PDF button, the system downloads the file to the computer. The file contains the summary of the list.

Export Excel; When the user presses the Export Excel button, the system exports a short summary report to excel.

There is a test scenario with the Number of Success and Failure.

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